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By Nanjo

WITNEY, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know if this is normal ? This Spirea always has these 2 colour leaves , I didn't notice this when I first bought it a few years ago.




Yes, the leaves on Skimmia often start out with a reddish tinge then turn green as they mature.

4 May, 2014


Spirea Magic Carpet has these leaves, red tinged yellow when they emerge.

4 May, 2014


My brain is definitely going mushy. I meant Spiraea not Skimmia, sorry.

4 May, 2014


there are a few half green and half yellow. and yes this is not unusual its just the way the pigment has been distributed.

4 May, 2014


I get leaves on my spiraea 'Goldflame' that do this as well.

4 May, 2014


Thanks for your replies, although I was beginning to wonder if Owdboggy was on the same page as the rest of
I rather like these leaves, I have a spirea in my front garden that I thought was the same one but it's leaves are all one colour.

4 May, 2014

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