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Hi everyone!! Last year I bought a treefern trunk, it only grew 2 leaves, but they were huge, however, this year it has so far got one new leaf and one on the way, but the leaf is much smaller, does anyone know if it needs feeding or maybe repotting ?



Hi Booboo, The frond will still be growing, it will get bigger, have you felt in the crown of the trunk? There could be knuckles there, I have at least 10 in both of mine, have a feel about, they will feel hard and round :) I have put some chicken pellets in the crown as i do every year then normal feeding with miracle grow starting next month same as rest of the garden, have you had the hose on it yet, they love water, if not give it a good soak..

5 May, 2014


Hi Dee, how's you ? Had a feel and there's 2 more, I put some fresh compost in and gave it a good soak, I've also moved it to a more shady spot. Just need to feed it now then. Thanks Dee.

5 May, 2014


I bet if you feel deeper or to the sides there are more Knuckles Booboo, it should get more. fingers crossed, mine still look good with last years fronds still green :))) keep soaking it every day or if like me you get plenty rain lol.

5 May, 2014


Did you leave last years leaves on Dee? I thought you had to cut them off which I did

5 May, 2014


I allways leave them on Boobo, fleece in the crown then the fronds tied up for extra protection and a bonus if they are still green in spring untill the new fronds emerge, i will leave them on this year as there are no brown edges at all, some cut them off in autumn, some dont. Its up to you. rained again last night so another lovely soak :)

6 May, 2014


Right, I'm gonna leave them on at the end of the season and see what happens. Thanks Dee ?

7 May, 2014

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