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By Sjw

gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Just been out in the garden to discover 3 sedums have been eaten, I presume by rabbits although everywhere I've looked it says they don't like this. I have had them in the garden for several years and never been eaten before although I have seen more rabbits this year. Covered the remains with upturned hanging baskets hope they will grow back. As anybody else had rabbits eat their sedum/ice plants.



Hi, I'm never bothered by rabbits, as living so close to the moors, they end up as food for the local birds of prey, and foxes, so I don't know if rabbits eat sedum or not, is there any chance it coul be slugs or snails ?, Derek.

8 May, 2014


Thanks Derek for your reply, the culprit I have now discovered is my Labrador, maybe he thinks he's helping by giving them the Chelsea chop. I saw the paw prints in the wet soil and it came back to me, he did the same last year but I thought it was because he was a puppy, it's the only plant he eats!

8 May, 2014

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