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Hungary Hu

Already the blackfly have found my broad beans and they are only 6 inches tall so no pinching out the tips. Last yr I had the same problem but the black fly wernt just at the tips they were at every leaf joint so it became impossible to control them with what ever spray I used and eventually the plants (12 inches tall) just died which is something I really dont want this yr. Here I also have the problem that aphids of what ever colour attracts ants so not only are the plants infested with blackfly I end up with hundreds and hundreds of ants too any suggestions?



Hi, if it's available in Hungary, try using Bayer avanced, fruit, citrus & vegetable insect control, it's systemic and should do the trick, Derek.

8 May, 2014


I ll have a look but from past experience of trying to find things here it maybe quicker and easier if I get some posted out here from the UK. Thanks

10 May, 2014

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