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My garden is surrounded by large (not mine) trees of which the leaves cover my garden in autumn. Therefore is it advisable to have a gravel garden in a large circular bed or will it prove to be harder to maintain than the soil plot which I have at present. I am now an aged person and am looking for less not more work.



It'll be harder, getting leaves off gravel is an awful job - unless you've got a leaf blower, that works well, but only on dry leaves - if they're a soggy mushy mess, the leaf blower barely shifts them.

3 Jun, 2010


You could go with it using a thick bark chipping mulch and planting ferns
and woodland plants assuming it is quite shady aswell, then the leaves would be welcome!

3 Jun, 2010


I'm sorry to say, Dido, that the problem is just the same with bark chips, only worse - if you use a leaf blower on those, they blow all over the place.

3 Jun, 2010

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