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Does anyone know this plant

Ross-Shire, Scotland Sco

I used to have this plant in my old home and the cutting I brought with me to my new home has died. the plant flower is very attractive to bees, wasps and flies.I would really love to get another plant but I do not know the name. The plant reached a height of about 6ft x 4ft and was evergreen when it lived in devon, it still retained most of its leaves in scotland, the leaves where shiney. hope this helps you guys
If you look Closely at the flower it seems to have a tail.




Is this the plant known by the common name of Joe Pye Weed? I'm not sure.....

16 Jul, 2008


I don't think so, Sid - that's a Eupatorium - the flower heads are more tightly packed together and the plants are tall. This doesn't look tall from the photo? and the leaves look too small as well. We'll have to have another think.

16 Jul, 2008


Is it a bush or a herbaceous perennial? Seeing the leaves as well as the flower would help. My first imression was that it was a Deutzia Pink Pompom or something like that.

17 Jul, 2008

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