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good evening everyone i have just had this given me today.could anyone tell me the name of it please.and as much information as possible grows from bulbs have six petals and is scented the leaves are smooth thats about all i can tell you.thanks in advance.hope the pictures turn out ok. it dont smell like a lily of the valley.but there is one with similar sort of leaves.there is a few bulbs on the top of the soil slightly red ones.

Dscf1011 Dscf1011 Dscf1010



Could it be lily of the valley

9 May, 2014


Not the usual sort if so! How about some variety of hyacinth?

9 May, 2014


Sort of says South Africa to me and so may not be hardy. Yes, Stera, Hyacinthia possible but not one that I know.

9 May, 2014


Possibly Drimiopsis sp. nova (Hyacinthaceae) have a look at the links below

9 May, 2014


hi everyone thanks for your time.steve looked at the links and it looks like the one to me thanks very much. if anyone would like a couple of bulbs to try just send a pm with address and i will send you some it says in the links evergreen but the bloke i got it from said it loses its leaves in winter.thanks again everyone.

10 May, 2014

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