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Little bit of advice please. I have decked area surrounded by a large fence.i would like some advice what to grow on these fences in order to reduce the harshness . It would need to be pretty much in large pots to stand on the decking .As you can see in the photos ( excuse BBQ in foreground ) I have a clematis Montana growing but its slow ,been in for years and it will take years to cover other fences . I don't want anything too invasive like Virginia creeper or wisteria but any other suggestions would be most welcome . Many thanks in advance.

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why not use some wall baskets , some really trendy one on the market now that will look great all year

10 May, 2014


You've still (just) got time if you wanted to, to get annual climbers going for this summer.
Morning glory, canary creeper, Mina lobata, Rhodochiton, just give them some support to twine around.
That takes the urgency away while you consider the long term options.
It looks like a shady fence, although that could just be the time of day of the photo. If it is shady, then honeysuckles would be lovely, also climbing hydrangea.
The clematis looks great, and you could add a late flowering one like Bill McKenzie to go with. Or how about rose Zephirine Drouhin, has the best smell of any rose I've grown and is almost thornless, will cover the fence in 3-5 years.

10 May, 2014


Thanks for the replies . Sorry forgot to mention it is south faceing and does get the sun all day pics taken early morning.

10 May, 2014


How about a self fertile fruit tree on a small rootstock, and train it as a cordon?
Even gooseberries can be grown as three stemmed cordons and will reach five feet. Fruit is a lot easier to pick as well.

10 May, 2014


I agree with Teadrinker, some annual climbers including all mentioned and Black-eyed Susan. You could use them every year and mix and match.

10 May, 2014

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