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Why won't my honeysuckle flower it's 5years old




I have the same problem with one that's approx that old. I've taken cuttings from it last year so will be interested if they flower. I've tried cutting it back and this year decided to leave it alone.

10 May, 2014


Mine's the same and it's for the chop as its a waste of space.

10 May, 2014


Are you pruning at the wrong time?

10 May, 2014


Thank you all for getting back to me.i am very new to all far a pruning goes I have only trimmed it October is that the wrong time.and how much should I take off.its a shame as I am training it to cover my bird house the birds love it.

11 May, 2014


Batson, do you have it's full name? I'm not so up on my honeysuckle.

Here's a link to the RHS website which should help you.

I would suggest though that you train it over trellis or a large obelisk near your bird house - a fully grown Honeysuckle is rather large! It's likely to smother the bird table.

11 May, 2014


Thanks for that we'll check out web site

14 May, 2014

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