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Hi, I have just bought a rhododendron, approximately 2ft high with a 2ft spread, in full bloom. My question is can I plant it out now or do I need to wait until the flowering time is over?



If its pot grown then yes you can plant it straight away. if you want to avoid damaging the roots you could initially plant the whole thing pot and all and then when it has finished flowering you just then need to tip it out of its pot.
prepare the planting hole well so there is plenty of loose soil for the roots to move out into.

12 May, 2014


And use Ericasous compost.

12 May, 2014


Thanks for the advice. That will be my job for when I get home tonight!!

12 May, 2014


Then share a photo Sarah

12 May, 2014


Hi Sarah and welcome to GoY. Personally I would wait until it has finished flowering to plant in the ground… that way your are not going to lose the blooms. As you do not say where you live is your soil acidic or alkaline? If the later you will need to plant in ericaceous compost and feed regularly.

12 May, 2014

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