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By Sanbaz

staining blackpool, United Kingdom Gb

can anyone tell me what this clear jelly like creature is on my water soldier, i got as close with camera as i could hope you can make it out,
also these little black bugs, just need to know its nothing which will infect my pond, thanx

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The jelly contains pond snail eggs,not that you can see anything yet.I found a few strands in my barrel pond and scraped them off the sides,it would be overrun if I left them.
They must have come in on one of your pond plants San.
I don't know what the bugs are but they may be laying also at this time of year.

3 Jun, 2010


i have a few pond snails aster so thats what it must be, its ok cause my snails only small ones and the man said if not enough food they eat eachother ,,, yak, or die off, thanx for that ;o))

3 Jun, 2010


I wouldnt put them back SB can you rinse them off?

3 Jun, 2010


really Drc, the eggs and black bugs or just eggs

3 Jun, 2010


Get what can you get off SB. Because there must be a lot more you cannot see in your pond.

3 Jun, 2010


ok will do, thanx

3 Jun, 2010

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