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I recently planted an Angelica archangelica and, despite lots of rain, the lower half of the plant shows wilting leaves and one wilting flower. The top half and flowers are fine. Can anybody suggest what may be wrong? Thank you.



if only recently planted it could be that the lower leaves being the oldest may have suffered a blockage in the water conducting vessels. so water cant get up the stems. the younger ones have a clear water conducting system so they are rigid.
Give the wilted bits a couple more weeks and if they don't recover then I'd cut them out.

14 May, 2014


Thanks, SB girl - that's really helpful. You're very knowledgeable!

14 May, 2014


thanks , I am a botanist so I hope I have some knowledge after 30+ years :o)

I don't always get it right though :o)

15 May, 2014


Ah. Well it's certainly useful to have you here!

16 May, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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