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Has my fuschia died? It spent last winter in a pot outside and now looks like dead twigs - no buds or leaves yet, where did I go wrong?



You left it outside in a pot - even a hardy fuchsia is at risk in a pot during the winter, and non hardy ones need to be brought in to survive. And given how bad last winter was, its no surprise really.

3 Jun, 2010


I wouldn't give up on it yet. I have two fuscias which look like dead twigs in my garden and just last Friday (4th June) I spotted two sets of leaves at the base, so it could just be they are late flowering in which case they will be late starting to grow. The two I am talking about of mine still actually have flowers on them when there is snow on the ground! What I do over winter is to pile lots of dead leaves around the base and put big stones on to protect the roots over winter, Good luck.

6 Jun, 2010

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