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A question on Agapanthus: I know Agapanthus like to be pot-bound in order to flower prolifically but, although my newly purchased Agapanthus has now got two flower buds, I am concerned about it being in a 6" pot with roots brimming out at the top and pushing through the bottom. Could I pot it on into an 8" pot without compromising its flowers, or should I just leave it alone for now and pot it on at the end of the season?



Personally I would leave it until after it has finished flowering. Just make sure it is well fed and watered until you are ready to move it.

4 Jun, 2010


I'd leave it too as any repotting will damage its roots and then you'd compromise it for next year. I'd repot in the spring personally just before it restarts into growth.

4 Jun, 2010


Where does this myth of agapanthus liking to be pot bound come from? It's not true - they do much better in the ground, usually, although the more tender varieties are best in pots so they can be moved in winter. Were it mine, I'd wait for the current two flowers to pass and then repot immediately, but technically, what the others have said is the proper course of action.

4 Jun, 2010


Hooray!!!!....glad someone else agrees with me.....All mine are flowering very well" in the ground"......wonder who started the story??

4 Jun, 2010


they do well in the ground but they often grow in clefts in the rocks where they come from. so a restricted root run is mimicked by a pot. [according to a specialist grower that came to speak to our hps group]

4 Jun, 2010

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