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I have a variegated evergreen honeysuckle 'mint crisp' in a large pot. It was thriving until a couple of weeks ago when leaves started to drop in abundance. Some leaves look eaten, on some the colour has faded and the leaves have curled and there are rust-like patches on some of the leaves. It goes through this every year, recovering later on but looking very sad and forlorn in the meantime. Can anyone help?

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Hi the pot looks too small as they do prefer to be in the border soil rather than a pot plus yours looks like terracotta which dry out so much quicker, ok for a year or two then the food in the soil runs out.

I would feed either slow release or a weekly feed added to the watering can, keep well watered which should help over the summer make it look a lot more healthier
Trim off all the old tatty bits which will make it look a lot better and neater .

17 May, 2014


Bear in mind too that evergreens do drop their older leaves, they just do it in Spring rather than autumn.

17 May, 2014


id also look at replanting it prafurably in the ground but maybe a bigger pot next spring and cut it back so the roots don't have too feed so much . the pot looks an odd shape so you will probably have to break it out .

18 May, 2014

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