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I'm moving house soon and in our garden we have 2 x 6 foot Christmas trees which we planted 15 years ago which we were given from a local garden centre off Father Christmas for our 2 young kids we would like to take them with us they are very healthy trees any tips or ideas for safely taking them up and replanting thanks




Sorry to say but its just the wrong time of year plus being 15 years old and quite a extensive root system they have a 99% chance of NOT surviving.

They should of been moved in the Autumn or Feb early March at the latest , even then imagine the size of the root-ball to be successful

I would say best to leave them and enjoy the memories that you had , we all plant trees for people in the future without even knowing

Even suppliers/nursery's stopped supplying bare root trees hedging etc in early April

17 May, 2014


It is possible to move a large tree but to be on the safe side it takes three years to prepare the roots, so best leave them as GG says.

17 May, 2014


Added to which unless you specified that the trees were going to be removed then they are the property of the new owner. Frankly I'd leave them where they are/

17 May, 2014


yes just plant something more relevant for your children . they probably wont care so much when there older but you will . near me there is a place that grows roses . they have them with litteraly peoples names or months of years and ofcourse theres other plants with names .another possabillity is too take them too a garden centre and get them to choose a shrub or something like that within reasen . the flip side of the coin is the new owners quit possibly want them so if you realy want them ask the new owners if they do want them and if they don't askl if you can come back when there doorment and rap up as much root ball as you can in hessian . you can plant them in this and it will just rot out . don't hold your breath about them living but at least you know your options .

18 May, 2014

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