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Broad bean tops - I've heard you can eat them, has anybody tried? I have no sign of blackfly and it seems a pity to waste them.



You can cook them like you would any other green leafy veg Stera

17 May, 2014


just like dandy lions or stinging nettles .

18 May, 2014


Nice to see you back Nosey! I hope they taste better than nettles but will give it a go and report back.

Thanks MG I'll try steaming them then.

Yes Snoop, the beans I overwintered are now setting pods right at the bottom of the stems - it was well worth the risk and paid off because of the mild winter. My first earlies are now flowering!!!

18 May, 2014


its nice to be back steragram . home in every sense of the word lol x .

18 May, 2014


Cheers!! We ate our first broad beans today - stir fried the young whole pods with Swiss chard, sweet chili sauce and lemon juice - summer's coming!

23 May, 2014

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