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I pooted up my cherry tomato plants that have been happily growing indoors and legt them outdoors for the first time for about an hour to acclimatise them as they will be left outdoors once they outgrow my windowsill. When i brought them back in i noticed they don't look ad happy anymore. The leaves have scorched and some shrivelled at the tips. Why had this happened, will my plants recover and what is the correct way to harden them off?

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Pooted = potted

17 May, 2014


I think perhaps you've been too nice if you like . you should of put them out earlier after the frost but before this strong sunshine short of putting sunblock on them lol . maybe put them in the shade every day somewear wear the sun will hit them for a while every day for a while . leave them out after a few days and move them into the sun more quit quickly or a green house . as you say they got to go out . someone else will answer you who knows more about tomatoes but im reasonably sure im correct .

18 May, 2014

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