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Hi folks if got cherry tree which has blossomed now gone and small round green like cherries on branches not many I don't think I moved here last April and never noticed them on then I think the tree might be about 6\7 years old ...are they edible cherries please ....thank you ...oh and do I just leave them to grow now ...thank you...



Far more likely that it's an ornamental cherry tree and fruit will be disappointing in either quantity or flavour. Leave the fruit on for the birds.

18 May, 2014


Oh dissapointing I thought I could enjoy to eat them the birds will love them then ..thank you ...

18 May, 2014


Try some when they become ripe.

18 May, 2014


I didn't know ornamentals set fruit.
If they are edible cherries you can rest assured the blackbirds will know about them before you do! However you only need to taste one as Myron says but let it get properly ripe first.

18 May, 2014


Some ornamental cherry trees don't set fruit as they are grown only for for their showy flowers.

I'm not aware of any cherries that are poisonous as such, just some are very acidic, some are sweet and some hard. It's a bit like apples... Think of Golden Delicious, Bramleys, then crab apples. All of them are edible, it just depends on how you prefer to eat them... Raw from the tree, cooked or baked in a pie, made into a jam, etc, etc.

I'm sure that if your cherry tree produces fruit, you'll find a way to enjoy them. Wisniowka springs to mind, a Polish Cherry vodka made by steeping cherries and sugar in vodka for a few months. Na zdrowie!

18 May, 2014


Thank you I'm pleased to here I may be able to eat them ...before the birds ...that sound nice Myron ??:-) ??

21 May, 2014

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