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Fresh wood chipping. I've just taken a chainsaw to a load of logs and am left with a small bag of chippings. Can anyone suggest a use for them?
One option is to mix them with melted candle wax to make fire-lighters has anyone ever tried this?



Or soak them in BBQ starter liquid.

18 May, 2014


Hmmm - that sounds dangerous! I'd rather not have the whole house going up in flames!

18 May, 2014


Well it's no more flammable than wax once that gets burning.

You could also mix them with some herbs, spices, etc, and throw them on top of the BBQ coals just prior to putting the food on. The smoke from the smouldering wood and herbs flavours the meats nicely.

18 May, 2014


Sorry Myron, what barbecue? I'm talking about firefighters for my sitting room. Wood chips soaked in lighter fuel would be very flammable! And not in a good way.

19 May, 2014


Sorry Urbanite, thought you meant to light a BBQ.

If you need firefighters then that's different... You'll need to contact your local fire station. ;o)

19 May, 2014


It so happens that I do have a supply of firefighters! :o)

20 May, 2014

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