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By Waddy

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone suggest a house plant I could get to discourage house flies? It seems every time we have our doors or windows open, we get flies, often those nasty bluebottles too. I hate using sprays and in any case the minute we open up again, we're back to square one. THe alternative is my OH chasing them with a rolled up newspaper, yuk!



My problem is bumble bees flying into the conservatory and I'm thinking of getting one of those fine net curtains to hang in the doorway - that should cut them down at least.Just need to find out how you fix things to plastic.

18 May, 2014


They don't like mint apparently but I have never tried it as we don't suffer from flies much.

18 May, 2014


Steragram: I have the same problem! I keep a glass and a thin piece of card so I can catch them and set them free.

Cammomile: I might try that, if nothing else is suggested. I think it's because we live near farms and fields.

18 May, 2014


Hi Sue, last year we bought one of the fly screens that were advertised on tv, it comes with velcro fasteners for plastic door surrounds, it has a sticky side which you fasten to the frame, or for wooden frames, they also supply little tacks, like upholstery tacks, dead easy to fix, and very effective, Derek.

18 May, 2014


I'm thinking of the curtain because I'm tired of the glass and card routine - and they seem to prefer buzzing round the roof where I can't reach them and then they go into the gap between the roof and the window where the spiders webs are...

Derek, sounds like a good idea. We don't have a telly so i haven't seen the ads.Can you remember the make?

18 May, 2014


Net curtains. A certain Swedish furniture store sells excellent very long fine nets like mosquito netting (something like 8ft wide and 10ft long) for £5 a pair.

18 May, 2014


Ah. They sound like a good bargain. Sadly we do not have that certain store round here out in the sticks. I can find nets though, its the fastenings that are puzzling me.
Sorry Waddy, I seem to have sabotaged your question. Have you tried the plant popularly called Shoofly that appears in catalogues sometimes?

19 May, 2014


Hi Sue, sorry I can't remember the name, but they're advertised by jml, and sol by Asda, wilkinson, and a few more well known stores, Derek.

19 May, 2014


Hi Sue, sorry I forgot to mention that they have magnets to join the 2 sides, and you just walk through them, and the magnets join up again, they really are a good buy, Derek.

19 May, 2014


Thanks everyone for the advice. I've been looking on line and I think one of these 'curtain' things is the way to go. Thanks again everyone. :)

22 May, 2014

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