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I am a novice gardener and I have a corner in my garden with equel amounts of light and shade, but it is in a windy position. What kind of flowering plant or bush could I plant here? Thank you



Whereabouts in the country are you?

18 May, 2014


Oh, and is your soil dry or moist? Is the shade caused by trees or buildings?

18 May, 2014


Hi Steragram
I live in the north west and it's a little corner plot, it is in full sunlight from the morning until the late afternoon but always windy. The soil is I believe moist.
Thank you

19 May, 2014


The problem comes when you want it to be both evergreen and flowering (don't we all!) I can only really think of escallonias,or pyracanthas which will grow quite big but can be cut down to size. They have flowers in spring and the pyracantha also has berries in autumn.. Depends how much space you want to fillI'm wondering if a better bet might be to plant something herbaceous and long flowering with better flowers in front of the shrub where it would have the benefit of some shelter. Some perennial geraniums will flower all summer (but not all so choose carefully) and are low maintenance. Hypericum Hidcote is semi evergreen though it might lose its leaves in very cold winds, but it has lots of lovely big yellow flowers in the second part of summer.

Or you might look at nandina domestica - the leaves are a pretty colour in some parts of the year though no flowers (to speak of anyway). Have a look at this site: but test your soil for acidity if you decide on an azalea.

19 May, 2014


Thank you soo much for taking the time and effort to answer my question, I have saved your answer so I can refer back to it, which, believe me I will need too. Once again my Thanks to you,
P.S. Only wish I had my late mother's green fingers !!

21 May, 2014

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