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By Tercol

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Anyone suggest an evergreen ground cover plant, been looking at anchormans blog on propogation and want to try as a large bank approx 5ft high needs covering had daffs in the spring but want to suppress the weeds, too steep and far from the house to trim

thank you



Vinca is a good choice, copes with sun or shade, doesn't need annual maintenance, provides cover for small creatures and can be strimmed every few years if it gets out of hand.
I really like 'Illumination' for its foliage, the flowers are just gravy!
Other options might be Cotoneaster horizontalis, ivies, hypericum, but that can start to look a bit 'amenity planting'...
You said it's a long way from the house, is it worth planting something more gorgeous and expensive there? Sunny, shady, dry, more details would help.

19 May, 2014


Its a mound hiding bricks rubble etc, the garden is just over an acre (imagine a square paddock) to give you an idea from the house, it is, like today completely in the sun no shade, hence dry soil have actually bought the some contoneasters and ivy today and hope to get cuttings, oh what visions I have
thanks for the advice

19 May, 2014


There was something on tonight's Chelsea People's Garden programme - Arctostaphylos uva-ursi - a low-growing evergreen from American West coast - no doubt it will be in all the garden centres by the end of the week.

I think you might just have to accept that you built something of a huge white elephant by piling up builders' rubble instead of just planting a proper hedge.

19 May, 2014


I have an awkward banking too, I just wanted to cover it with ground cover and forget it, so I planted "Rock Rose" at least I think that's what its called but not sure, it has little yellow flowers and it can also be bought in Red,its evergreen and looks pretty when in flower, and it's very close growing and spreads very well and quite quickly.

19 May, 2014


I think Chino is referring to helianthemums. They come in several colours - red, orange, yellow, pink or white.

19 May, 2014


Thank you for all the advice will watch out for the new plant it isn't really a white elephant and was done intentionally as it would have been too expensive to bring that amount of soil in. Planning permission is trying to be obtained to build approx 25 houses beyond the bank. (We knew this when we bought the property)I have no objection people have to live somewhere, so we were thinking ahead, when and if this goes ahead I will have a pretty bank and will plant a row of trees along the top to obscure the roof tops so it will seem as if we still have the 'open' view which we love

20 May, 2014


A carpet of thyme, different sorts. They will grow quickly together n love a sunny bank with poor rocky or stony soil. Add some lavenders maybe. Most mediterranean herbs love that situation.

20 May, 2014


The macrorrhizum group of hardy geraniums are evergreen and spread easily to keep most weeds down.

21 May, 2014

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