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By Holly66

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

How can I stop ants making a nest in my planters? I always grow runner beans in containers but, every year, they get over run with ants.



Raise the pots on something - pot feet, bits of broken roof slate, anything that does the job and gives half an inch clearance beneath. Dust the area beneath occasionally with ant powder. If you've already got ants inside the pots, you need to remove any plants, turn out the compost, clean the pots and replace the compost with new, then replant. It also helps if you put a piece of jeycloth in the bottom of the pot before you replace the compost, across the drainage holes in particular. It won't stop water passing through, but will help to stop ants invading.

20 May, 2014


Also, make sure that the beans don't have aphids as ants 'milk' them for their sticky excretions.

20 May, 2014


symbioses excuse my spelling lol .

20 May, 2014


Hi Bamboo, I have thoroughly cleaned the containers and the jey cloth idea sounds great. Thank you very much.

20 May, 2014


Pots are like compost bins if ants are in there its too dry,ants love warm dry soil keep it moist and they move out

20 May, 2014


Thank you for all your comments, I am going with the J cloth idea.

23 May, 2014

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