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Acer. My Acer has produced seed, how and when can I sow them, I have a funny feeling one starts them off in the fridge?
x Jackie x



The seed isn't going to be ripe yet wait until the autumn to collect. Bulba and I have never grown Acer seed but, in nature, it does not end up in a fridge so would suggest you sow once ripe and leave out for the elements to do their thing.

20 May, 2014


doesn't the fridge represent winter like wear acers come from ?

20 May, 2014


Not that I am aware of Noseyp. We grow all sorts of plants and shrubs from seed and have never put anything in the fridge to help in germinate.

21 May, 2014


I put seeds in the cold gh in the autumn and cover them with netting
so the mice don't eat them
a lot of tree and shrub seeds germinate after a period of cold as in nature, I think its called stratification. I usually let the winter do its job and have sweet chestnuts waiting to be potted on, Cersis from Sheila on goy growing slow but sure some calla lilies and a nice magnolia from our own seeds......its addictive :0)
The only one I fridged was a picea abies, bless it its as tall as me now

have a go and have fun :0)

21 May, 2014


I also have found seed pods on my Acer and was going to ask the same question, how ironic. But what type of soil do we start them off in as seeds.

21 May, 2014


I looked on Youtube and watch this video........
Germinating Japanese Maple Seeds
By Ken Alston, It's worth watching :o))
He puts his in the fridge and they germinated in a polythene bag.
Chino. If the seeds dropped on the ground they would grow in the soil it landed on I presume? Only guessing though lol, think I would use a mix of compost & sand?
Jackie x
P.S. We live & learn don't we :o))

21 May, 2014


I use that Jackie, the fridge just shortens the sure the seeds are ripe though, thats most important as Moongrower says.

22 May, 2014


I do as Moongrower says and put um in the ground when their ripe :o))

24 May, 2014

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