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My Acer Orange Dream isn't very well.
It started with small brown spots on a couple of leaves, the spots are now on more than half the leaves, and the leaves at the end of the top most branches are dying. The only thing I could find on googling was watering in the sun, but I don't think it's that as the sheltered inner leaves are affected too. I've tipped out the pot, roots look fine and no beasties. Any advice please?
(Tree is 3 years old in a pot, not pot bound, and is in ericaceous compost).

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Hi, can you plant it in the ground, it would be much happier in the ground, if you have had it in the same pot for 3 years, then it is likely that the nutrients have been exhausted, so if you can't plant in the ground, I would repot it in fresh compost, it doesn't have to be ericaceous, just not alkali, neutral or acid is fine, take off the affected leaves, and burn them, see what happens, Derek.

21 May, 2014


Derek, I did a repot, that's how I know the roots are OK.
I'm not quite ready to plant it out yet, so I'll take off the spotty and dying leaves and see what happens.
thanks for your help.

21 May, 2014


I'm wondering if the black spots could be a fungal infection - no harm in spraying with an anti fungal spray, it might prevent it spreading if that's what it is.
When you do plant it make sure its out of the wind and is semi shaded.

21 May, 2014

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