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how should I prune lanky holly shrubs they are about a metre tall



Hi, when you say 'lanky' do you mean there is only 1 shoot growing very tall? or does it already have side shoots, in which case I would leave it alone, it will bush out on it's own, if just 1 shoot, I would cut it back, to encourage side shoots, otherwise it's pruning group 1, late winter or early spring, Derek.

21 May, 2014


Hi, thanks for reply. We were given some holly bushes that a friend didn't want any more, the bushes had been planted about 2 feet apart against a back wall and didn't get a lot of light. There are a metre to a metre and a half tall, they do have a few side shoots but are very widely spaced and have leaves at the end of about a 2 foot branches. As we have just replanted them(hoping they have enough roots to survive) I wondered if pruning (light or hard) them would help or hinder them. We have replanted them about 3 and half feet apart where they will get plenty of light. Jane

23 May, 2014


Hi, it sounds as though you have nothing to lose by trying to get them to bush out, I would probably cut back the leading shoot by about 12", and the side shoots by about a half, this should encourage them to sprout new shoots, and also put less strain on the roots, keep them well watered until they get established, Derek.

23 May, 2014


Thanks, I shall try that. Watering won't be a problem at the moment with the amount of rain where having. Jane

25 May, 2014

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