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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Worrying bay tree problem.

I'm beginning to think my bay tree needs a larger "pot". There are some weird little things poking up from the soil surface which are very firmly attached.
I hope photo 1 shows the tree ( or most of it)' and the position of the "strangers" And that photo 2 shows an enlargement of them.

Image Image



Hi Hank, nothing to worry about, it's sending up suckers, just get a sharp knife and cut them off, to see if it needs repotting, take hold of the trunk, and knock the pot off, you will soon see whether it's pot bound or not, I woul think that if it's been in the same pot for 2 years or more, then it probably is, Derek.

21 May, 2014


Thanks Derek, It's been that pot just over 2 years. I'll attend to it tomorrow - although it'll need my son to lift the thing !
I guess I'd better get a pot half as big again ? Pity it can't go in the garden.

21 May, 2014


If it's pot bound can I trim the roots before re-potting ?

21 May, 2014


yes you can but you cant do it now . you will have to do it early spring while its still dorment . look into bonzei trees . I would rip the suckers of as it dis wades them re growing more .

21 May, 2014


Not sure you need to take it out of the pot to remove the suckers, might be possible to push the compost out of the way and take them off.

I notice a little bit of scale infestation (visible in the second picture, towards the base of the stem, and possibly on the pot itself). Clean those off with a lightly moistened disposable cloth (use meths or soap).

22 May, 2014


Thanks guys, that's extremely helpful. I'll see to it.

22 May, 2014

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