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Pink poppy. Whilst watching the Chelsea flowershow earlier in the week, they were talking about one of the gold medal gardens and showed a beautiful single flower darkish pink poppy. I have been trying to find some seeds on the internet but to no avail. It looks just like the red poppy in that is a very delicate single flower not like the more fancy papaver variety. Any ideas?



Hi Ams'dam , I have single pink poppies .
If you look on my pictures you will see them ; if those are what you are looking for , I'll send some seed .

22 May, 2014


I was rather taken with those poppies too. From memory they were a form of our native poppy Papaver rhoes she (can't remember which presenter) said.

22 May, 2014


I think they were Shirley poppies.

22 May, 2014


Driad - your poppies look amazing! Can't quite tell if they are the exact poppies I saw on telly but if you collect some seed later in the year I wouldn't mind a few! Many thanks!

Scottish - yes I think you are right. They were quite small, simple and delicate.

Andrewr - Will have to look up Shirley poppies as not quite sure what thye look like.

Thank you guys for the information and Driad for your kind offer of seeds!

23 May, 2014


If it was darkish pink, it might have been 'Patty's Plum'?

23 May, 2014

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