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What is the difference between a ramberling and a climbing rose?



A Rambling rose has its leaves divided into seven leaflets, whilst the climbing rose has five leaflets. The rambler roses foliage tend to be glossy.
Rambling roses are more vigorous than climbers, and have stems which are far more pliable, often resulting in long arching growth, while climbing roses tend to grow upright. The blooms on Rambling Roses are of the multi flowering Floribunda, with clusters between 5 to 20 flowers The rambling rose usually flower in mid summer, on short shoots emanating from second year wood.

5 Jun, 2010


Thank you DRC

5 Jun, 2010


And ramblers often form those dense hedge like thickets that you see, and need pruning in September, and have only one flush of flowers, usually - climbers are often repeat flowering and should be pruned in March, with the longer growths being topped in October to prevent wind rock in winter.

5 Jun, 2010


Thanks if I want to keep a neighbour out of my garden I should plant a rambler

5 Jun, 2010


Yes - not to mention the horrible, horrible job of pruning it properly, which will probably keep you away from it as well, lol!

5 Jun, 2010


one less job for me then lol

5 Jun, 2010

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