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How lond does it take for Dragonfly lavae to 'hatch' not sure if thats the correct term?



Hi Dragon fly larvae can be under water for up to 4 years depending on which breed

5 Jun, 2010


Ah thanks not sure if these black wriggerling things are Dragonflies they look like minature tadpoles, black there are lots of them

5 Jun, 2010


They sound like mosquito larvae to me. When the water is undisturbed and they don't know you're there do lots of them "hang" upside down from the surface? That's what mozzy larvae do.

5 Jun, 2010


No Beattie they have a strange way of swimming though. They kind of bring there front parts and their back parts together and move throught the water. Its really hard to describe

6 Jun, 2010

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