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I have just seen an earth worm moving at the very bottom of my small pond. I didnt know earth worm can breath under water. Is this a freak of nature?



no its drowning, i know your desperate for some wildlife in your pond but i dont think the worms gonna make it,lol

5 Jun, 2010



5 Jun, 2010


You could get him out with a small net! Or fish him out using a pot.

5 Jun, 2010


hes safe Bryony no worries!! There were actually 2 in there!!

5 Jun, 2010


there are many worms that will live in the water. So they may well be ok but in doubt fish them out and see if they head back in there. When I have done ecology at Malham I am always a,azed when we find truely aquatic worms that look like earth worms.

5 Jun, 2010


SBG hi i cant find out what these black wriggerling things are in my pond!! Ive been searching the net for days. There like minature tadpoles. Black fast moving in groups. Any ideas its driving me mad trying to find out what they are.There so small I cant take a photo

5 Jun, 2010


are they midge larvae? are they on the surface hanging down and then move if disturbed? Can you sketch them on plain paper and take a photo of the drawing then?

5 Jun, 2010


Ok, Ive ruled out dragon fly lavae, midge and mosquitto lavae. Its none of them. This is driving me mad trying to find out what they are

6 Jun, 2010

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