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Any chance of an ID of this beetle please.

It was munching its way through the wild garlic. A good 3/4"




I have these - Cardinal Beetles. They eat other insects and are good for the garden: you sure it was munching the leaf and not something on it?

25 May, 2014


the tip was munched and it walked forwards so perhaps it was munching a pest. its wonderful.
when I first saw it I had a thought of lily beetle on steroids :o)

A much duller red than the lily beetle.

25 May, 2014


think it could be a Cardinal Beetle, think they are do gooders though.

25 May, 2014


Or in old speak - a blood sucker.

25 May, 2014


I've had a nosey on the web and this is the common red headed cardinal beetle. overwinters in wood/behind bark. So lots of spaces for it to overwinter.

25 May, 2014


A nice find Seaburngirl! They do eat Vine Weevil and Black/Greenfly so am a fan of them.

25 May, 2014

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