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By Karina

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Can anyone tell me what animal this faeces has come from? It's on the only bit of concrete on my back garden and near to my rabbits enclosure! I live in rural (ish) village.




I think Hedgehog but it seems a lot more than i get left me in one go so maybe its a fox

27 May, 2014


You haven't said if you live in town or a rural invironment but as it was near your rabbits, I would guess at a mink or stoat.

27 May, 2014


In my experience of poo (which I hasten to add is limited) I think fox's is black and disgusting. I found some like this on our front doorstep and I thought it might be a bird.

27 May, 2014


I live in a rural (ish) area. Can't say I've heard of any stoat around, but it's probably the best one. I have ferrets but I know it's not theirs

27 May, 2014

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