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By Jensen

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

We have had moles hills in our garden. Does having compost attract moles? They eat worms, and compost is full of worms.
I saw holes made in the compost from beneath (which is in a compost bin), and I thought they were made by moles, but a friend says they are made by rats, and I think she must be right - the size fits rats, and there are many at the nearby canal.
I stopped composting because of the moles hills, and following this, they stopped appearing about two/three months ago. I would prefer to compost organic kitchen waste, than to put it in the bin designated by the council for garden and food waste, and thereby increasing the weight of the waste.
Can I start composting again, or does it attract moles?



When you say 'organic kitchen waste' do you mean cooked food or raw peelings and outside leaves of things like brassicas? I would never compost any cooked food, especially meat and fish bones, because that can attract rats. I've never heard of moles being attracted to compost bins.

28 May, 2014


its not moles they dig there tunnels in a way that lob worms drop into them then patrol these tunnels using there amazing nose to find them . its brandlings that live in your compost just below your kitchen waste . the rats are there for warmth , food and protection . they are much maligned very intelligent rodents that eat many food stuffs and can actually chew threw cement . mg is right in so much as they prefer our food as apposed to our scraps as they are omnivourse . id buy some inhumane rat traps as they kill quick or a good jack russel .

28 May, 2014


Agree. We have a major mole problem and they never appear in the compost heaps, only around the periphery.

28 May, 2014


Moles never go in the compost heaps. Occasionally one tunnels in my garden & the hill it leaves is a bit of a nuisance. I just flatten it all down again! Sorry about your rat problem, hope you are able to resolve it.

28 May, 2014


Thanks for all of your advice. Yes, I meant raw peelings and other uncooked food Moon Growe - thanks for asking.

20 Jul, 2014

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