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Hia can I buy a bare root tree this time of year would it be OK now to plant ...thank you x




No, too late in the season I am surprised that a good retailer would sell any, it would perish very quickly.

You will have to go for one already established in a pot.

So dont waste your money or your time especially in the cheap £1.00 shops that I only saw last week still had daffodil bulbs for sale from last year.


29 May, 2014


Buy trees when they are dormant, november is the ideal time, you have no real watering problems then. Bare rooted would probably be dead on arrival or soon after, it should be in the ground sucking up water and nutrients to support the leaves........
I wouldn't even plant potted ones unless you are prepared for the watering.....even in a wet summer.....

29 May, 2014

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