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I have had this houseplant for 3yrs and I think it's a fiscus?!! Could you tell me how and when I can prune it?




Ficus benjamina is its name, and a fussy creature it is, doesn't like draughts, doesn't like to be moved, bleeds like mad whenever you cut it. As its in the house, you can prune whenever you like, but now is a reasonable time. A word of caution though - it will drip white sap for a good few days, so you'll need to stand it on newspaper or something so that it doesn't ruin any surface around the plant. Best not pruned at all, in fact, unless its got leggy and lost loads of leaves, might be easier to just give it a larger pot. I had one that eventually got to 5 feet, but then I moved it elsewhere to accommodate the Christmas tree, and it dropped leaves like mad...

30 May, 2014


Thanks bamboo. That was a quick reply and very much appreciated.

30 May, 2014

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