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Leaves have wilted badly since moving my parrot plant to mums whilst I was away. Looks so sad. How do I make it revive?

On plant Impatiens niamniamensis



water it or give it some plant food

6 Jun, 2010


Thanks for your answer, however mum kept it well watered. One day later and it looks worse - all it's leaves that 10 days ago were beautifully huge, dark and glossy are now hanging almost vertical, and all limp. Small buds are still on show. Suppose I can't make it much worse, so will feed it some plant food now (12.13a.m!!) Watch this space!! Thanks again for your advice.

7 Jun, 2010


I guess it could have had too much water while you were away ?
What's the latest ?

8 Jun, 2010


Thanks to Terratoonie and Hijuju for you advice and interest. But, Oh Dearie Me!!
Things not good!! Leaves are soggy and hanging vertically almost against stem. Adult flowers still attached, and loads of new buds showing, but everything very droopy. Condition has worsened, and I think I had better book the funeral, 'cos I doubt there's any hope at all for my once spectacular parrot plant. Would still appreciate any advice i.e should I cut all the droopy bits off? Trying to look on the bright side, after all, it could've been worse, I could have left my dog at mums!!!! Are these particular plants hard to find in garden centres, I would like to replace this one if possible.

8 Jun, 2010


Hi again Jill..

Paste this ref. in and see if this plant is the same as yours... ?

I've done a bit of research and it seems that the plant would not like cold draughts and the soil must not be allowed to dry out... though, having said that, most plants don't like to be saturated in water ...

Does it have spider mite ?

also found this...

"They can be particular about position, if it doesn't live up to expectations try a different position. An east facing window sill in a sunny position is where ours does best but our neighbour finds it best on the kitchen window which is north facing.

For some strange reason there are precious few available in garden centres - we've only ever seen two - the most recent being at Gardenland on the A454 from Wolverhampton to Bridgnorth in the midlands. Check out the latest RHS Plant Finder, you may just be lucky."

I hope this helps.

8 Jun, 2010


Hi Terratoonie, thanks for the speedy response. Bit of a learner at this computer lark, so don't as yet know about 'pasting', therefore unable to see your pic. My plant has red and yellow flowers that look like parrot beaks. A neighbour gave me it as a cutting around January time, and it has looked sooooo lovely till it went to mums! Just managed to 'bump' into said neighbour (very well planned, and much curtain twitching) A friend bought her the original plant over from Ireland, and, horror upon horrors, that plant has died, so no help there-, flippin' neighbours!! No visible mites, tho' that was a good idea. Wishing I'd just left the plant in it's usual position, in the hope that my friend who was looking after my parrot (The type with feathers) would have watered the plant occasionally. It would probably still be alive now. My partner has just walked in, and commented that the plant 'looks as sick as a parrot', and then laughed!!!! Huh! Surprising how fast a big burly builder can be floored in mid laughter - a quick knee against soft flesh soon downs 'em. Tee Hee.. He ain't laughing now!!!!

8 Jun, 2010


I also have a parrot plant which had flowers,a baby plant ..never been moved and suddenly bent I half and is dying .any help as i love it and my friend gave me cutting but hers has now died....Tks

21 Feb, 2016

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