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Does anybody have Japanese Hydrangea Vine or Schizophragma Hydrangeoides 'Rosea' growing against a wall and if so


By Resi

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Does anybody have Szchizophragma Hydrangeoides 'Rosea' growing against a wall and if so, has it damaged brickwork?



I had one against a fence, and after 2 years it had not even started to cling. It then got droughted and died, but I have heard that they can take 3-4 years before really start to motor, but then there's no stopping them.
I haven't come across them damaging anything though. Is it happening to you?

31 May, 2014


No Td, am only thinking of getting one for the back of the house which is north facing. Just considering my options right now but thanks for your info.

31 May, 2014


Not that particular variety, but like teadrinker I planted a schizophragma against a fence. It clung on from the word 'go', but has caused no problems. I now cut it back to six feet on an annual basis.

31 May, 2014


Thanks Andrewr, i just wondered if it would get into the cracks in the mortar with areal roots, like ivy and cause damage that way.

31 May, 2014

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