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Every year I grow flowers in 4 long flowertubs placed on a wall. I take them down late autumn but do not clean them out until spring, saving many that have not been killed off by frosts. When emptying the compost out I often find many small white grubs in them. They are similar to, but much smaller than fly maggots. I feed them to the birds. What are they? Photo shows several out of just 1 tub. Also, I often find tiny yellow or orange balls that squish if I squash them. What are they?




the larvae pictured are vine weevil - as for the orange/yellow 'eggs' these are usually the remains of feed pellets, those things that look like a clump of birdseed originally.

31 May, 2014


Good job you emptied out the old compost because these eat the roots of plants until there are none left.

31 May, 2014

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