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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Sorry, me again - spuds.

A certain young lady just owned up to having had the 2 spuds below in her cupboard for a very long time, but that only 1 of them is organic.
Presumably she's referring to the larger one - or could it possibly be the smaller one ?




Is this a trick question? Who on earth could tell?

31 May, 2014


Not a trick - the big one's organic. The other one's been sprayed with an inhibitor to stop it sprouting. Makes you think doesn't it, especially if you like potatoes done in their skins. No wonder I'm inhibited after years of eating those...

31 May, 2014


Thanks Sue, when I saw the first reply I thought I'd asked a daft question but fortunately I hadn't.
Does anyone know if the organic one is worth setting or should it be discarded ?

1 Jun, 2014


Very interesting photo. I wonder if Tesco could be persuaded to display it in their stores - probably not. I am pleased to note that we eat organic as far as possible.

1 Jun, 2014


Well you learn something new every day!

1 Jun, 2014


Thanks all, the spud is now in the ground

2 Jun, 2014


You're not inhibited, are you, Stera?

2 Jun, 2014


I used to think not, but when I read modern books I begin to think I missed something...

3 Jun, 2014


Ah, well... I think probably a lot of us ate those treated potatoes... (or more than will admit ...)

3 Jun, 2014

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