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Just Bought a Hydrangea 'teller' (brilliant white), & Hydrangea Macrophylla ( deep Red), 2 weeks ago, to replace a couple of the shrubs I lost during the winter. Deciding where to put them, haven't planted them yet. However, the Teller, is turning PINK! Why is this? Ohh by the way, My dying shrubs from the last winter & previous question, Joy! my Myrtle has resprouted, all others pegged it.



It is reverting to it's parents colour. Also the long days of sunlight have changed the colour i.e. our Lady Sylvia rose is almost white not pale pink.

6 Jun, 2010


So, how do I keep it white? Or will it just colour more to pink, and Next flowering time I guess next year, will it come back white, Because thats why I bought it, for the Brilliance of the white.

6 Jun, 2010


Some varieties white bracts do develop a pinkish tinge as they age.

6 Jun, 2010


Ok. THank you both for that. I guess I'll wait & see how pink it goes. If it goes Too pink, I'll gift it to someone. Becaause I want the brilliance of the white. Or has anyone a suggestion of a hardy shrub, with a good WHITE flower, facing East, but doesn't get too much early morning sun, (sun hits approx 10-11 oclock)

6 Jun, 2010


Check out Hydrangea Arborescens 'Anabelle' on Crocus website, lovely large white flowers

8 Jun, 2010


Thank you, will do

10 Jun, 2010

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