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Can anyone identify these attractive drooping flowers that have appeared in my garden? They seem to be quite invasive and im trying to decide whether to keep or manage them somewhat. Thanks very much.............




Campanula - possibly C. punctata rubriflora

1 Jun, 2014


It is a Campanula, but can't remember the species. A great garden plant but they can be invasive if allowed to be. I would suggest that management is much better than extermination. Enjoy!

1 Jun, 2014


I never get anything that interesting taking over my garden - nettles, ground elder, bush elder and the lamium I planted, but not a Campanula!

1 Jun, 2014


Very invasive..taking over, over here as well. But I love their leaves and flowers too much to thin them down, plus they are evergreen here, so something to look at in winter. Also, very good ground cover, and grows in dense shade too. That's where I am transferring a lot of them, where others won't grow, I do the same with my invasive lily of the valley too.

2 Jun, 2014


Well, I have just dug out 5 compost bags of Campanula urticifolia (old name, cannot remember the new one) Got a root like a carrot and any bit left in just regrows. £9 a potful form our local garden centre. So whatever you do, dead head the thing.

2 Jun, 2014

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