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ID Please. If you can tell by my picture?

Leigh-on-Sea Essex, United Kingdom Gb

ID Please. If you can tell by my pictures?
Jackie x

Dsc_0533 Dsc_0534



Hi, By the pinky-red colouring I would think it is Actinidia kolomikta.

1 Jun, 2014


Thank You Honeysuckle. Now I will have to wait and see if it is Male or Female lol.

1 Jun, 2014


Actinidia has small, lemon scented white flowers

2 Jun, 2014


Not actinidia. Actinidia leaves are alternate and these are very neatly opposite. Working on it. How big's the plant? HC

2 Jun, 2014


I'll take a pic of the whole plant & add it to the pic's.
I have been looking at leaves of a Actinidia kolomikta and they are different, more lines running to the tip of the leaf.

3 Jun, 2014


I have put a new post on Garden Questions with Pic's of the flower & flower bud too :o))

18 Aug, 2014

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