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Two days ago I found two very thin worms in my vegetable plot; definitely not earthworms. These white worms are very thin, thinner than ordinary sewing thread; 3-4 inches long. I put them in a small jar of water, and they are happily wriggling away for the past 2 days. There are a lot of snails and slugs in my vegetable plot, controlled with slug-pellets; next door cat does its job in their garden just across the linked-chain fence. Neighbours are not interested in gardening.
Is this a harmless worm? or a dangerous thread worm? Worms are too small and thin to photograph; sorry!



sounds like one of the typical soil nematode worms. usually no threat to us. may damage some plants but if you want it id for definite snd it to the Natural history museum. they will identify it for you and tell you exactly what it is and what it will do. Send it to the advisory team.

2 Jun, 2014

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