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hi i just bought some primrose seeds and it says when you sow them in pots to put them in the fridge for 3 to 4 weeks please may i ask why ?



This is called stratification which simulates natural winter conditions. A lot of seeds go through an embryonic dormancy phase, and generally will not sprout until this dormancy is broken.

So putting your Primrose seeds in the fridge for a length of time mimics the winter cold that they would go through outside and gives them a far better chance of germinating.

3 Jun, 2014


I have grown many, many primula from seed and have never stratified them. Whatever time of year I obtain the seeds they are sown immediately and the pot left in a shady position out of doors.

3 Jun, 2014


And if you do put them in the fridge, make sure it is not too cold. The salad compartment at 40f is cold enough.
Agree with Bulbaholic though.

3 Jun, 2014


I must admit that I was unsuccessful in germinating primrose from seed even though I gave them the cold treatment. I found that when I was given a few plants by a friend they self-seeded naturally and have spread like weeds throughout my front garden.

3 Jun, 2014


Try a little experiment Leaper, plant half of them after putting them in the fridge as directed and plant the other half of the seeds without stratifying them. I would be interested to know what the outcome is.

3 Jun, 2014


Wherever you sow them, keep them as cool as possible out of the sun. Primula seeds hate the heat. Ive never had to stratify them either and I grow lots of different varieties from seed (Viallii, Candelabra, Florida, Millers crimson etc etc)

4 Jun, 2014

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