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What is this tree... Fractal? I've clipped part of the photo in higher definition. Does this make any difference to identifying it?




Not so sure is Ligustrum lucidum now. Just realised that the flowers should be terminal in Ligustrun, not axillary as these appear to be. The leaves seem to be paired so that excludes Hoheria......

....I'll look into it!

6 Jun, 2010


Got it!

Chionanthus virginicus. Same plant family as Ligustrum (Oleaceae) so I was close. Gorgeous tree in flower.

6 Jun, 2010


It's a beaut, Bertie.

6 Jun, 2010


Thanks very much for the quick response. We were very struck by it. I must research it and see if it would survive in our garden. I think it's in a very mild spot near the river and chateau in our neighbouring town.

6 Jun, 2010


Looked it up. Perfectly hardy...good. Likes moist soil...good. But an acid lover! Drat! no good for our limey soil. Double drat!

6 Jun, 2010


That is a shame Bertie! I wonder if you could get one grafted onto either a Ligustrum or a Syringa rootstock? Wouldn't matter then.

6 Jun, 2010


An interesting idea, fractal.

6 Jun, 2010


Really good idea Fractal. I might get one and give it a try. I find doing a proximity graft is the easiest with most things as both plants go on growing while the graft is taking, and if it fails, you don't lose anything and can try again.

7 Jun, 2010


Good luck with that. You'll be selling Fringe Trees to the limestone populace soon!!!

7 Jun, 2010

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