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Hello I have just taken on an allotment and having problems with drainage. The water seems to flow from top to bottom and then seems to back up. I thought it would be a good idea to dig a big trench and fill it with rouble and sand to help. I started to dig, managed a 6x2x2 trench. I covered with plastic sheeting to start filling a day or two later. I went back today to find it full of water. I have no idea how to drain it or what to do next. Any help will be great.



It could be worsened if there is little or no crop cover, or if there is compaction, on the uphill section of the plot, causing rain to just sheet off downhill instead of soaking in and being captured by plants.
Can you also speak to neighbouring plotholders to find out what the previous guy experienced? Did he give up because of this or did he have a trick for utilising the situation?
And since irrigation is such a challenge on many allotments, can you harvest this water and store it for later use?

8 Jun, 2014


a lot depends on how long it takes for the dug trench to self drain, and if it filled due to extraordinary rainfall.
raised beds could be a possible solution. how do the neighbouring plots seem to deal with the problem?

8 Jun, 2014

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