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By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi i have a miniature willow tree.It is trailing all over the ground now as it is growing well.Just wondered if i could prune it at all so it isnt on the ground anymore.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks mark




What you have there is a Kilmarnock willow which has been grafted and will always grow down towards the ground. You can prune it so it is, say, 5 cm from the ground, if you prune it really hard it will look odd though. It is okay to prune it now.

7 Jun, 2014


Give it a regular haircut with shears. A regular job with those - no need to "prune", chop will do. The straight edge you make soon disappears again.

7 Jun, 2014


Personally because we have the space we let ours 'sprawl' and only cut but if we really need to.

7 Jun, 2014


Hi all thankyou so much for your help.I have now pruned it and it is looking better.Just wasnt sure if it would harm it.Thankyou again mark

8 Jun, 2014

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