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what soil

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Hi Mikey and welcome to GoY. Acers prefer slightly acidic to neutral soil but will survive in slightly alkaline soil.

8 Jun, 2014


Well draining soil is most important. More are lost to winter wet than any soil type.

8 Jun, 2014


True Botanic.

8 Jun, 2014


Also partial shade preferred and out of the wind.

8 Jun, 2014


Absolutely Sera. Wind in particular is a huge problem.

8 Jun, 2014


I have lost more than my fair of Japanese maples! All from water (too little in summer or too much the rest of the time)

9 Jun, 2014


I gave up after the first one...planted it in sun in a windy spot. Ignorance is a terrible thing... Got a tough red Berberis Helmond pillar there instead - try killing that!

9 Jun, 2014

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